"This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously."

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Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?



Excuse me, sir, do you know where I could find some enlightenment?


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Can I visit?

Can I visit?

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Susan Cain, The Power of Introverts — TED (2012)

Susan unpacks the social myths surrounding introversion in this passionate and personal appeals. 

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What a year has passed. Moments I’ll miss and some I don’t but moments I’m glad I have because it made me stronger and gave me faith in myself to do better and become better.

I’ll miss the past. But it’s time to tuck that away for now and make new moments and experiences and discoveries to spice up this book called “My Life”

Now a firstie. Shit. Four years have passed. Where did time go?

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What a good weekend spent with great people after such a year. 

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Finished my third year at the academy. One more year to go and now the butterflies are storming in my belly.

Chopping some wood

I never thought of myself as a person who would enjoy camping. I guess was expecting I’d be wickedly uncomfortable with stupid inspects picking on my skin, endless times I would step into mud or fall into its never ending mess.But I guess if I disregard any expectation of mess, I may see more that expect something that will stick. Away from the, to put it nicely, the shitty scenery of bars and foolishness week after week. It has become such a norm I thought I would never venture.

So, I took a break and went camping. The view captivated me. It’s no grand canyon to hike or the rainforest of the Amazon to venture. It’s no Nile River to swim or a Dead Sea to float. It’s just an ordinary place with an extraordinary view.

It was a place that reminded me of a bit of home and a bit of the small beauty hidden in everything our eyes touches to uncover. It was a time that reminded me of the beauty I forgot to see in everything that cross my path.

I thought I was gonna write with the fresh imagery around me and tactful senses I took in but I was left paralyzed. When I helped a friend build a fire, I caught myself staring at it; not into an abyss of lost thought, but actually observing the fire embers eat up the wood, piece by piece, dimensions being shaved in a continuum. No thought. Clear mind.

A companion was great to be with; makes the experience lovely to share along with someone. A reminder that I was not alone along with the silence of trees.

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Flying away from the sunny state

The spread of the Golden Gate Bridge
The glamourous street of Rodeo Drive
The vineyards and aroma of Napa

The free spirited hearts
The raised hands for more
More music, more booze, and more excitement

A gallery of art
Displayed in coffee shops,
Food galore hidden in
Various hole in the walls.
Concerts showcase just down the street
for bystanders cruising by,
music to disrupt their daily zombie movements,
Hope to stop them in their tracks
to listen to a ragtime of passion
playing in an atmosphere of lights.